Margaret’s Whirlwind Week


Brit and I are back in Toronto after the most unbelievable and wonderful week on the road! We’ve been travelling from Parry Sound to North Bay to Thunder Bay with a roving band of fellow “Forest of Reading”-nominated authors — and meeting hundreds of amazing young Margaret and the Moth Tree readers in each city!

We’d heard before that the “Forest” award ceremonies are a once-in-a-lifetime experience for an author. And they really, really are.

In each place we went, we got to meet kids, parents, teachers and librarians who’d read our book. We heard questions and perspectives about our own story that we never would have expected. We got to know the other authors, and we got swept up with everybody in a sea of OVERFLOWING BOOK LOVE. And, as the icing on the cake… Margaret was the regional winner at all three ceremonies! Thank you so much to all the Ontario kids who read and voted. Your fantastic enthusiasm, curiosity and passion for books are such an inspiration to Brit and me. It’s been a huge boost to keep writing and try to return to the festival again some day 😉

We’re so excited to meet 2,500 more of you next week at the provincial awards ceremony in Toronto!!




IMG_1618 - Version 2


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