On our book becoming an eBook; Or, My Luddite life


My, how the world has changed…

At the risk of sounding like an old fart at the advanced age of 29, when I was young, things were so different! We passed elaborately folded notes in class instead of texts, we used landline phones to talk for hours after school (doing three-way calls if we were really fancy), and emails were sent from the family desktop or in computer labs. Before Skype came on the scene, my now-husband and I didn’t see each other’s faces for six months when I went away on a student exchange. I know that’s nothing compared to, say, The Penelopiad — but for young people nowadays, that would be unthinkable!

On top of all the technological evolution that’s happened since I was a teenager, I’m also one of those people who’s often suspected/been told that they might have been more at home in another century altogether. Over the past decade, the comments have graduated from “It’s so annoying that you don’t text” to “We’re all on Facebook… why aren’t you?” to “It’s so annoying that you don’t have a smartphone.” (Full disclosure: I still listen to books-on-tape that are actual cassette tapes, on a cassette player that makes a ticking noise due to being dropped on the ground so many times. What can I say, it’s comforting!)

I’ve since taken one step after another into the iPad-iPod-iEverything world. But to my former Luddite self, thinking back on how Brit and I couldn’t have written “Margaret and the Moth Tree” without today’s technology is amazing. And the news that “Margaret and the Moth Tree” is now available as an e-book is pretty mind-boggling.

For those of you taking part in the reading revolution… here she be on Kobo!

“Margaret and the Moth Tree” on Kobo!


This cartoon from Debbie Ohi is true-to-life, as I observed over the holidays when I witnessed my two-year-old nephew trying to figure out why the television wasn’t a giant touch-screen. His little finger kept swiping and swiping…


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