Launch Week, and First School Readings!

Margaret and the Moth Tree is good and launched!

After baking and icing over a hundred moth-shaped sugar cookies (thanks, Laura!), going on Costco runs with Mama Trogen and working with Gail Greenwood on an order of events, Brit and I took over Greenwoods’ Bookshoppe with about 80 of our friends, family and members of Edmonton’s reading public. (Someone with a head for numbers estimated this, not me, so that’s what I’m sticking with!)

Because we underestimated the turn-out, the store ran out of books midway through and we had to start signing bookplates for people — a pretty fantastic problem to have. The shop is now fully stocked with Margarets again, so to everyone who put in an order that day, your copies are there.

We had such a great day telling the story of how the book came to be, getting to thank all the people who deserve thanking, doing our very first public reading, and getting sore fingers at the signing table.

And thanks to Brit’s photographer friend Randy and my photographically inclined husband Will, we have some beautiful professional pictures to remember the day by. Click the photo below, and it will take you to the album on Margaret‘s new Facebook page!

“Margaret and the Moth Tree” Edmonton Launch!

These characters have existed in my, Brit’s and our editor’s heads for so long, I keep thinking that the strangest part about having our novel published is the realization that actual *children* (and not just ones we know) are reading it.

While Brit went back to New York the next morning, I had the chance to test my storytelling skills in front of a class full of kids… to be specific, Brit’s and my old grade one class with Ms. Chomiak at Earl Buxton School! I was a little worried about keeping their attention (Margaret being for 8 and up), but they were completely adorable and interested to the point of one little girl wanting to know “which way the wind was blowing” when Margaret discovers the moth tree! A good question…

Then while reading to Ms. Dermody’s grade two class at Esther Starkman School, it was an out-of-body experience to have a little boy pipe up with the name “Cousin Amos” as I was explaining Margaret’s backstory. I stopped and blinked at him for a second, amazed that he knew that!


One thought on “Launch Week, and First School Readings!

  1. I am so proud of you both. Looking at these pictures, I just keep thinking about how lucky the kids of today are to have people like you two writing stories for them. This book is filled with such sincerity and adventure and such clear struggles between right and wrong. It is so satisfying and touching to read about these children (real children!) knowing the names of even the most minor characters, and talking about them with the same familiarity as they would Templeton the Rat or Smee or Prissie Andrews. Congratulations!

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