Changing Hats

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

At one point I would have said “an Egyptologist,” but after ruling out that possibility along with teacher, lawyer and journalist, the answer has always been “a writer.”

Trying to make a living off of words is a many-hatted profession, like so many jobs in the arts are. As far as I’m aware there isn’t a magic wish-granting genie to help you pay your bills as you write stories, so very few writers today just write. They teach, they lecture, they edit, they review, they work entirely different jobs, taking off one hat to put on another in an ongoing juggling act.

After an extremely busy summer and fall getting Margaret and the Moth Tree ready for publication alongside my co-author/sibling Brit and editor/idol Sheila, I’ve decided to leave my full-time job behind to become a freelancer! As I put on this new and slightly daunting hat, I’m thinking back to The Hats I Have Known. Ahem.

Here’s to you,

Encyclopedia Writer Hat (a rather thrilling hat)

Teaching Assistant Hat (a nervous, stuttering hat)

Rejection Letter-Writing Hat (a tricky hat)

Proposal Writer Hat (a hat to do with asking people for money, not marriage)

Publishing Assistant Hat (a fortuitous hat)

Copywriter (which is not at all the same thing as Copyrighter) Hat

Ghostwriter Hat (a hat sharing a name with a supercool 90s kids’ show)


Farewell, Hats of Yore. I hope to put some of you on again in a freelance capacity… just not 40+ hours per week of you!


Edward Monkton says it best.

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